Baby Sign Language – Baby Signs® In Action

Baby Sign Language – Baby Signs In Action!

Here are a collection of photos and videos of babies and toddlers using baby sign language to communicate! Baby sign language is a wonderful way to communicate with your little ones before they can talk!  If you are interested in submitting a photo or video of your child using baby sign language to have on our “Baby Signs In Action” page please send them to

Baby Sign Language

Here is a video of Johnny signing “more” and “what” at 23 months.  Johnny had some speech delays and was going through speech therapy in addition to his mother using the Baby Signs program and lots of baby sign language to help him along with his language and to communicate with him on a daily basis.  Johnny had a habit of signing “more” for so many things throughout his day that his mother started signing “more what?!”  This video is Johnny imitating the 2 sign combination and of him pairing it with his newly learned words!

10 week old Bayne getting started early with baby sign language by demonstrating the sign for daddy!

Baby Sign Language

Here is a picture of Johnny using baby sign language to show his mother that he sees a bird!  Johnny loves to go outside and show his parents all of the exciting things like birds, trees, dogs, cats, ball, water, snow, grass, stars, moon, sun.  Outside adventures are always fun because Johnny can communicate with his parents what he is interested in and what he sees!

Baby Sign Language

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