10 Steps To Success

Steps to Success with Baby Sign Language

The Baby Signs® Program- 10 Steps to Success with Baby Sign Language

steps to success with baby sign language

1. Start with just a few
Choosing a few means you are more likely to remember them.

2. Always use the sign and the word together
Seeing the sign and hearing the word together helps your baby make the

3. Repeat the sign and the word
Be sure your baby is watching, then quickly repeat the sign and word
combination several times.

4. Point when possible
If the sign you’re using stands for an object, point to the object while
saying the word and making the sign.

5. Guide your baby’s hands
If you feel it is necessary, gently guide your child’s hands, but don’t
expect perfection. Your baby’s motor skills are limited.

6. Make signing a part of your daily activities
Add reminders of the signs you are teaching to your daily routines.
(e.g., a rubber duck in the bathtub or flower stickers on your baby’s
high chair.)

7. Watch for opportunities
Be on the lookout for things to talk about with signs. More examples
mean faster learning.

8. Be flexible
Feel free to change a sign or make up a new one. And be sure to watch
for your baby’s own creations.

9. Be patient
The younger your baby, the longer it will take to learn a sign.

10. Make signing fun
Praise and encourage your baby often. Have fun together and enjoy
the magic that using the Baby Signs® Program will bring.


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