The Secret to Communicating With Babies!

baby sign language classes bend oregonCommunicating with babies just got a whole lot easier!

Communicating with babies is of utmost importance, especially in the early years.  Babies have a lot to say and just can’t wait to tell everyone around them all about how they feel, what they see and even what they need. But before babies fully form their vocal cords and are able to create the words that they are thinking, they are very limited in ways to express themselves. This can be extremely frustrating for both baby and parent. Fortunately, there is a way to teach babies to communicate before they can talk, reducing many tantrums and tears by using elementary signs that are easy and fun to learn! Baby sign language is a great way for infants to communicate with those around them at as early as 8 months old! Communicating with babies through sign language has proven to be very rewarding.

Child development specialists Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn discovered the importance of communicating with babies and have been bringing powerful, research-proven benefits to babies and their families around the world for over 25 years through the Baby Signs® Program. Their National Institutes of Health research has shown that the Baby Signs® Program:

  • reduces frustration and builds trust
  • jumpstarts intellectual development
  • promotes positive emotional development
  • strengthens the parent/infant bond
  • helps babies learn to talk sooner

The Baby Signs® Program offers a couple of exciting ways to get started with baby sign language workshops and classes:

Baby Signs® Parent Workshops

This one-time prefatory workshop teaches parents everything they need to know to get started with the Baby Signs® Program. Parents will learn:

  • how to establish signing with their baby
  • practical ways to begin teaching signs at home
  • easy ways to use signs in day-to-day routines
  • what to expect as their baby progresses from signs to speech

In this workshop, parents will learn what the Baby Signs® program is all about, the benefits of signing with their child and the most effective ways to teach their babies to sign. Parents will also learn the most useful signs in communicating with babies and fun ways to teach them, therefore keeping sign language toddlers attention resulting in the best learning experience possible.

Baby Signs® Sign, Say & Play™ Classes

This play class meets once a week for 6 consecutive weeks, focusing on different themes for parents and babies which:

  • highlights signs that are most significant in the lives of babies
  • introduces play activities that support important language, cognitive and social- emotional skills
  • teaches signing through fun games with BeeBo™ the Baby Signs® Bear
  • provides signing practice through enjoyable Baby Signs® songs
  • brings families together to share their signing experiences

In this 6 week series of classes parents and babies will learn a total of 37 beneficial signs that are taught using fun songs, books and activities. Additionally, parents will learn helpful tools to incorporate through purposeful play that will jump start their baby’s intellectual development as documented in Dr. Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn’s second parenting book, Baby Minds: Brain Building Games Your Baby Will Love.

To enroll in the Baby Signs® Program, please contact an Independent Certified Instructor in your area today!

Here’s to your signing success!

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